Our newest team member September 23 2016

Well... kind of. He does't really contribute that much, to be honest. Bit lazy if you ask me. And he makes one heck of a mess in the office! Doesn't even make us a cup of tea, and he leaves his smelly snacks lying around everywhere.

But how could we possibly complain...

Everybody - meet Eddie the Jorkie puppy!

Yes, that is actually the mat in our office. Sorry - WAS the mat in our office. But of course we'll forgive him this time. And the next. Even when he decides to drag in dried up lumps of mud and old sticks, and then chews them to bits all over the floor.

But hey, he's only a little puppy after all... coming up to the ripe old age of 5 months now, and I'm sure he'll start being very productive very soon. We expect funky new design ideas, social media wizardry, and order processing at the speed of light.

Or maybe we can just dress him up as Rudolph for Christmas. That will do too.