Who are the people behind the Vilda Fashion Jewellery brand? March 11 2016

So, did you ever wonder who's "behind the scenes" in a business like ours? Who are the people behind Vilda Fashion Jewellery?

Helena started the jewellery business HH Jewellery in 2010, selling jewellery and accessories on eBay and later on Amazon and Etsy, as well as a branded website. She worked in fashion and jewellery retail management for many years before going solo and is the owner, main designer, admin, internet contact and face of the business today. During the first few years, she developed a range of beaded hemp bracelets, fashion earrings and personalised letter bead bracelets, among others. Recently the products were split between more niched websites, that's when Vilda was created along with our niched Medical Alert Bracelet website

Miki started working for us back in 2014, when the business was growing quite rapidly and more hands were needed. At first she was just helping out with general tasks, but now she has progressed into a great designer and jewellery maker in her own right. She performs the daily tasks such as manufacturing, stock control and packing.

Last but not least we have Kiersten, who started as a Christmas temp in 2014 and then kind of just... never left. She steps in during holiday times and when we're a bit busy, helping out with the jewellery orders, packing and preparing in general.

Although it can be somewhat chaotic at times, we always have a laugh in our little farmhouse office!

You can reach us on 01271 860 935 weekdays between 9am and 3pm, or by emailing us at info@vilda.uk